Setup and Safety

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    Inflatable Specifications
  • Every inflatable has at least one inflation tube that is attached to a motor/blower; all other inflation tubes need to be securely fastened so air doesn't escape. Motor/blower needs to be on at all times.
  • Every inflatable has at least four anchoring points; some slides or larger inflatables will have at least two more to secure it from tipping over.
  • Every inflatable has a safety plaque that needs to be read and followed by attendants and users.
  • Some inflatables have Velcro's and zippers, these need to be closed and fastened at all times.

  • Setup Locations
  • Setup can be on grass, concrete/asphalt, hardwood floor, and sand; setup cannot be on mud/dirt, rocks, any sharp objects, water or pool.
  • Maximum allowed incline or decline for setup location is five degrees.
  • Setup location must be cleared of any and all sharp objects such as tree branches etc. All pet droppings must be removed from potential setup area prior to Air-Time arrival.

  • Motor/Blower
  • Motor/blower needs to be on at all times.
  • If motor/blower turns off the inflatable will lose air and collapse. Potential Problems that can cause under-inflation:
  • - If there are any leaves or debris blocking the air suction.
    - If inflation tube is not securely tightened to blower.
    - Using extension cords over 100 feet long.

    Electricity Requirements
  • Electricity outlets need to be available near setup location or a Generator is required.
  • Electricity outlets being used should be able to hold 7-15 Amps and 115 Volt power.
  • Generator - if supplied by the customer it should be at least 4,000 Watt rated power to run one inflatable and REQUIRED for city parks.
  • Potential Problems that can cause electricity power to short:
    - If there are other appliances being used on the same electricity outlet or breaker.
    - If gas in the generator runs out.
    - If electrical cord has been taken out of the outlet.
    - If motor/blower switch has been turned off.

    Water Inflatables or Water Games
  • Need to be setup near a water supply/water hose.
  • Water Slides being setup on concrete/asphalt might cause a hard landing in the pool.
  • Customers wanting a cushion to be placed under pool should provide one during setup.
  • During Dunk Tank use, no one should be standing in the path of the ball to the target.

  • Attendant Information
  • A responsible adult must be attending/supervising inflatable and users at all times.
  • Attendant MUST read and understand safety plaque and operation information.
  • Attendant MUST be alert and pay attention to users at all times.
  • Attendant MUST be standing in a position where he/she has clear view of riders.
  • People using Air-Time products should never be left alone without an attendant.

  • Inflatable Safety Rules
  • DO NOT enter inflatable unless attendant is on duty!
  • Follow attendant or operator instructions at all times.
  • Remove all sharp and pointed objects before entering.
  • Remove shoes, eyeglasses, and jewelry before entering.
  • No food, gum, drinks, pets, or sprays inside unit.
  • No tumbling, flipping, wrestling, chasing, or piling on others.
  • No rough play inside inflatable units.
  • No unevenly matched users. ONLY Adults with Adults and Children with Children.
  • Riders cannot exceed maximum weight, height and number of riders specified on safety plaque.
  • Do not enter inflatable if you are pregnant.
  • No one is allowed in the inflatable that has or might have physical problems.
  • No one is allowed in the inflatable that is under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
  • Riders must be properly dressed and have socks on to avoid skin burns.
  • Riders are not allowed to play near the entrance or exit.
  • Riders are not allowed to jump against, climb or play near the sides or wall nettings.
  • Riders should not be using inflatable products during inclement weather (rain, wind, etc.).
  • Riders should be sliding in the proper manner demonstrated on safety plaques (feet first).

  • Emergency Procedures
  • If inflatable beings to deflate or collapse, REMAIN CALM and direct everyone outside of the inflatable as soon as possible.
  • If someone is trapped inside of a collapsed inflatable you must REMAIN CALM, direct someone to re-inflate the product while helping the person out of the product at the same time.

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